• Free Online Money Management

    Free Personal Finance Management

    Review, plan and track your assets, expenses and future needs at one place.

  • Track your expenses

    Know where your money is

    Track all your accounts and assets from the comfort of your home or on the go with our mobile apps.

  • Online Budgeting

    Track your money trail

    Track your expenses with account aggregation and categorization. You know before you spend.

  • Protect your money

    Protect your money and assets

    Protect your future by benefiting from professional advice. And know your insurance needs.

  • Establish financial goals

    Establish Financial Goals

    Set, track and achieve future goals. Collaborate with like-minded people.

  • Reduce your debt

    Keep your debt down

    Budget and live comfortably now -- and in the future. Benefit from Community or a Financial Advisor.

  • Build wealth

    Wealth creation

    Find savings, learn from Community to build wealth or get professional advice at one place.

  • Share with community

    Share and learn with Community

    Share financial artifacts in a novel way, which promotes collaboration to a new level.

  • Professional financial advisor

    Professional review

    Get any aspect of your financial plans reviewed by a Professional Advisor from the convenience of home.

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Secure and safe access

Your security is of utmost importance to us

We use safe and secured bank-data security, such as industry standard SSL encryption on all our webpages. When you login to OneBudget, you receive the same secure experience that your other bank and investment websites provide. Secure Onebudget

Future financial planning

Planning for the future

Planning for your future might sound like a scary proposition to you. After all, money may feel tight already, and you can't imagine squirreling any away for the future when you need it right now. But a good plan should be implemented now, especially if you have debt -- OneBudget can help. Plan your future

Track your wealth

Find out where your money is

Do you have bank and investment accounts all over the place? With OneBudget, you can review and track these accounts, along with other assets, all from one place without having to sign into multiple sites. Easy Money Management

Collaborate with community

Connect with others

With our Community, you can talk to like-minded people who are working toward the same financial goals. Here you can share and learn, all the while helping other people grow. Community

Professional financial help

That extra step

At OneBudget, you can have any concern or aspect of your financial plans reviewed and answered. When you use a professional advisor, you receive the benefits of sound advice and financial planning. Professional advice

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